Fashionable & Comfortable Special Needs Clothes

For those who require a wheelchair, finding fashionable clothing for people with disabilities could undoubtedly be seen as a challenge. And, of course, style is not the only issue; comfort needs to a consideration. So that the pants don't slip down, it is also suitable for permanently seated people. The seams are unfolded and sewn to avoid pressure points as much as possible. There are elastic bands on the sides to prevent the pants from slipping down. takes on the function of a belt. Rollitex is a recognized brand from Germany that has filled this gap in the market, manufacturing handicap-friendly clothing that is truly a joy to wear.

They fully understand the particular needs of a wheelchair user who may have to spend prolonged periods in a seated position.

Fashion for wheelchair users.

When it comes to clothes for the wheelchair users, finding stylish trousers and for permanently sedentary people can be a problem. Rest assured that the Rollitex range has a vast choice of jeans and pants that have no pockets, seams, or rivets at the rear. The tailoring also allows up to an extra 12cm in the seat, an absolute necessity for handicap clothing. The jeans also have deeper-sewn front pockets.

Disability fashion needn't be strictly utilitarian. Rollitex jeans are a match for any high street brand with a choice of slim fit or regular fit.

Clothes for People with Disabilities

Wheelchair users require handicap clothing that makes it easy to dress and undress, and the Rollitex range features extra-long zippers, hook closures, and elasticated waists for that purpose.


Clothes for Handicapped People

Of course, clothes for people with disabilities include more than trousers. A stylish jacket can pull the look together, and the Rollitex disability fashion team has designed an innovative cut to ensure that the sleeves can't become trapped in the wheels.

Combined with a longer back, a shorter front, and broad shoulders, the Rollitex jackets cater to every need. Options for winter include jackets with thermal insulation, perfect for those colder days.

Rollitex has a fabulous range of clothes for the handicapped, for men, women, and children of all shapes and sizes. New products are continually being added, and navigating the website is a pleasure. Those who are looking for clothes for people with disabilities can explore the range of trousers, jackets, formal wear, underwear, and functional yet stylish accessories.

Using DHL express delivery services and package tracking, the friendly Rollitex team offers a unique shopping experience.


When looking for fashionable and comfortable special needs clothes, Rollitex is the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything required!

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